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Our first post.

It’s good to see you here! 👋

You’ve probably been in touch with one Lumos team member and that’s how you got here. Earlier this year, we started building Lumos. We will be sending out this email 4 - 6 times a year with general updates. Feel free to unsubscribe if not interested -- no hard feelings 🙌.

Updates are boring! So, let’s start with something fun.

🤓Meme of the Quarter - Lumos is solving Dilbert’s Challenge

💭Story of the Quarter -- Why Does Lumos Exist?

We, Leo and Andrej, bonded in a tech ethics class at Stanford and asked ourselves: “For how many apps and web services have you signed up in your lifetime?” Do you know? 10s, 100s, 1000s? No clue, right? Fascinated by this problem, we started working on the challenge of giving people control over their Internet presence. 🤹

Earlier this year, we brought several friends on board to work on this mission, applied, and were accepted to YCombinator, yet were won over by our absolutely fantastic mentor Ali Partovi and decided to raise a round with Neo. That’s how Lumos started. 🎉

💡Thought of the Quarter -- The Commoditization of Enterprise

So what problem is Lumos trying to solve? We quickly saw that companies have a massive problem in controlling their online presence. Why is Microsoft worth $1 trillion? Because of their customer data & IP. And where is their data & IP? Stored and used on web apps. The problem: if you ask Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) what apps their employees use, they cannot manage about 90% (!!!) of them. In one customer call, a CISO knew about and supported ~100 apps, but the team found that a total of 800 different SaaS applications were used by employees.

Now here comes the punch line. There is no solution that detects and manages all apps in a company. Okta is a $25bn company that manages only the apps CISOs know about (the 100 apps in the example above). But how to detect and manage the remaining 700 apps?

That’s where Lumos comes in. We are working toward becoming the layer between any individual and app. As we see enterprise software unbundling (read this article), we are bundling them together. Want to know how we can find any app you have ever sign up for within 5min? Let’s chat. 🤙

In short, we asked ourselves: isn’t the iPhone Home Screen beautiful? I know what apps I have, can access or even delete them with one click. We provide the same for the Cloud. Lumos detects any app you have ever created and gives you tools to centrally access, delete, or request apps in your workplace. 🙌

🎉 Updates of the Quarter

  1. Product: We have conducted over 100 interviews with CIOs, CISOs, security experts, and individual employees. We understand what we need to build over the next months: a consumerized and seamless experience! Within 10min, IT/security experts should be able to 1. Signup for Lumos, 2. Discover all their company apps, 3. Start managing and offboarding users.

  2. Engineering: We are testing our beta out with friends & family who have a GSuite account. Are you a GSuite admin or know one? Msg us :)

  3. Sales: We are in the process of onboarding multiple customers to our customer flagship. Do know any high-growth tech company that has challenges with on-/offboarding or managing their data?

  4. Recruiting: We are 9 people now and are actively recruiting our next 5 employees
    -- full-time frontend, backend & ML engineers as well as product designers. Let us know if you know someone we should talk with!!
    Also, we launched a fellowship for students. Feel free to share the link!

That’s all for now. Welcome to the family.

Sending lots of positive energy,

Andrej & Leo, co-founders at Lumos

P.S. If you have any feedback considering the newsletter, just text us back!

P.P.S. Last one -- a photo of part of the team goofing around after our first surfing outing 🏄